With some famous car producing companies which faced their up and downs throughout the whole history while going into bankruptcy or taking leading positions on the market, it is vital to keep in mind that nowadays automotive giants have been started as  small startups, sometimes without any perspectives. Nevertheless they managed to turn into such famous titans as Ford, GMC, Toyota, Chrysler and other enormous corporations. But every popular brand hides an inventor or industrialist who was trying to bring something new to the world of industry at the beginning of the 20th century.

Introduction to Car Brands

It is not surprising that cars have caught so much attention from the very beginning. They symbolized freedom and mobility. This was a perfect symbiosis which encouraged lots of new inventions during the first part of the 20 century.

Despite the fact that first autos were introduced in form of horseless carriage, development of car industry made it possible to produce new outstanding vehicles starting from 1890.
Needless to say that car producing industry is among the most important economic sectors. On the one hand it provides thousands and millions of jobs for the population. On the other hand it results in huge revenues. And now we are speaking of car brands only with exception of fuel filling companies, auto repairing service, etc.

The USA has turned out to be the biggest automotive market at the beginning of the 20th century. For example, there were almost 30 million vehicles on streets during the big depression. This was one of the greatest achievements for the while industry in spite of such tough economic conditions. US market was still the biggest one even after the World War II. It produced 75% of all autos worldwide. Despite this fact the USA was not the country where automotive industry originated from. It has made its first steps in Germany.

Japan who has been the main competitor for US automotive market for a long time has appeared on stage of the largest car manufacturers only in 1980. The oil crisis ended in 1973. This was a perfect chance for Japanese manufacturers to show all their potential. They offered small but powerful autos with better fuel economy in comparison with US monsters. Such cars turned out to be a great and cheaper alternative especially for those countries which suffered from oil crisis the most.

However US factories were not going to give in. They managed to bring their leading positions back in 1994. At the same time auto market started developing rapidly. It resulted in new participants such as Germany, Korea, Italy, France and GB. These countries found it possible to offer high quality and comfort in combination with economy and safety. Now such brands as Mitsubishi, Alpha Romeo, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Skoda, Honda, Volkswagen and Porsche are famous all over the world. By the way PSA Peugeot Citroen and Fiat stand in line with such huge brands as Ford and General Motors which is a great achievement for European automotive industry.

History of Car Brands

Car Manufacturers History

Having an auto at the beginning of the 20th century was not affordable to everyone. This was a prerogative for rich people. Some time passed, and cars turned into a necessity rather than luxurious accessory. This fact resulted in rapid growth of population. Big cities needed new means of transportation. First buses made it rather easy for people to move from one city to another saving time. Nevertheless some manufacturers were still focused on wealthy segment of the market and provided purchasers with new fast and stylish vehicles.

Ford Model T was still on top of the rating list at those times. More than 16.5 million models were sold. This is more than modern brands can ever reach even today. The only competitors are Volksvagen Beetle with 21.5 million cars sold and Toyota Corolla featuring 40 million car sales. Russian Lada is also very close to the list of bestsellers with almost 20 million units sold. Certainly all these brands faced numerous problems throughout many years. Some of them were very close to bankruptcy and needed urgent rebranding and redesigning.


Toyota logo history

In spite of such huge popularity the Toyota Company was founded in 1933. Its origin Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Company was mainly specialized in textile industry. However its managers soon decided to create an auto department. Now this car brand is well-know all over the world with its prize-winning models featuring great design and additional beneficiary characteristics.


Volkswagen logo history

This German car concern is focused on producing not only autos, but also vans and trucks. The brand was created by a famous German producer Porsche AG. The main aim if the company was to create an up-to-date modern vehicle which can successfully participate on the market.


Volvo logo history

Volvo Assar Gabrielsson founded Volvo brand in cooperation with his friend and engineer Gustaf Larson. The company was launched in 1927. The first model OV4 turned out to be a great success. They managed to sell 294 units. It was popular with consumers due to its conservative design and a number of necessary options brought by innovative engineering ideas and new technologies.


AUDI logo history

These four rings can be easily recognized anywhere. However they have nothing in common with the Olympics. AUDI is one of the oldest German brands which appeared in 1932. The company had nothing to do but to form a union with other enterprises which included Wanderer, Horch and DKW. 4 rings stand for every company in this union. After the War ended, the company got back its name. They decided to keep the rings as their logo.


Ford logo history

No matter how many automotive brands appear every day, they are all influenced by Ford Motor Company which was started by Henry Ford in 1902. Series of chronologic models from Model A to Model S have become extremely popular all over the world. The company produced vehicles for different needs including cars and public transport. Its factories were used for production of military technique and equipment during the World War. In spite of all crisis and problems that brand still takes leading positions in car producing industry.

All car brands history has several main stages. All of them may be connected with a certain age period. Nevertheless 1769 is the year when self-propelled engines were invented. In spite of this fact starting point of automotive industry development is considered to be 1885. Further car brands history was followed by numerous changes in design and technical characteristics, improved driving features and additional options which appeared throughout many years.

List of the Most Popular Car Brands

Popular Car Brand Names