Acura Logo History

Acura car brand was founded in 1986. It was firstly launched in North America by one of the most famous Japanese automakers. Honda engineers were eager to create a brand new car that could represent innovations, power and style. As a result, Acura has turned out to be the first Japanese brand which is specialized in production of luxury vehicles. Their main features include not only great performance, but also luxury which is reflected in every line of vehicles produced by the company.

Acura car logo

Acura logo was created in order to resemble combination of two companies. On the one hand it looks like letter A inside circle. On the other hand it also resembles to letter H which is the capital letter of Honda brand. At the same time letter A is also supposed to represent “ADVANCED” tagline. The logo has been developed throughout the whole history of the brand. There appeared new colors and variations. Nevertheless the body has always been the same. For example, some logos are white. This color is considered to represent integrity, purity and confidence. Some logos also have black elements which reflect power, elegance and sophistication. The logo is recognizable all over the world as well as award-winning quality of every vehicle which is produced by the brand.

Acura History

Japanese car brands started to conquer auto market after the WWII. Their innovative ideas made it possible to turn their companies into the leading participants of the market all over the world. The outer reconstruction process made it possible for major Japanese automakers to launch truly award-winning lies of vehicles which managed to compete with US car brands on their own territory. Acura brand is a perfect example of such successful competition.

It was launched in 1986in the USA. This was actually the first attempt o Honda engineers to take position on the market of luxury cars. The main idea was to offer something different from western technologies and feature.

acura car emblem

As a result Acura autos have turned out to be the first representative of Japanese auto for luxury segment which suffered from lack of offers during that period of time. Acura engineers have succeeded. Their cars started gaining popularity very fast on the territory of North America. At the same time it has changed perception of consumers about Asian automakers which have been forming for many years. The best evidence of Acura success was the fact that that it manufactured only two its main models throughout 10 years. They are Legend and Integra.

Such example gave a boost to other Japanese automakers which also tried to introduce something new and luxurious at the same time. That is why Toyota introduced its Lexus followed by Nissan’s Infiniti. Nevertheless they were not able to compete with Acura which presented its luxurious sports cars though production line has not been renewed for a long time. Later this fact resulted in decrease of sales and crisis. Engineers had to introduce something new in order to get back their leading positions on US market as soon as possible. That is the time when first legendary NSX was produced. The abbreviation stands for “New Sports eXperimental”. This car has also turned out to be a great success for the company. It combines perfect power characteristics and features and is cheaper in comparison with its main competitors. This fact made this model a better alternative to other sports cars provided by German and Italian automakers as well as Ferrari.

Acura brand is now specialized in producing different types of vehicles. It tries to conquer all segments of auto market providing consumers with not only sports cars and luxury sedans, but also with capable and stylish SUVs which are also becoming very popular all over the world.

Acura Symbol

Acura Car Symbol

Acura car with logo

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