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Top 10 Most Powerful American Cars

The development of the US automotive industry proves the fact that the Americans have always loved powerful cars. Moreover, people are ready to pay a lot for extra HP. Though 10-cylinder engines may sound to

Top Italian Sports Car Brands and Models

While German cars are a symbol of German stability, quality and a thorough approach to manufacturing, Italian cars have an area of a refined style and extreme speed. Starting back at the end of the

Top 10 New Cars in 2015

This year the auto-manufacturers have worked hard to update their product lists. 2015 is a good year for luxury sedans, cool sports cars and pickup trucks. A range of novices has been introduced to the

Top 10 Best RC Drifting Cars

Drifting became popular in Japan in 1970s and since then has spread all over the world and today has a special place in US racing culture. Basically, it’s a technique of oversteering a car, making

Top 10 Exotic Cars in the World

Most cars are produced for commuting to workplace or taking children to school and manufacturers like Toyota, GM or Volkswagen enjoy selling millions of vehicles annually. But there is also a rare breed of exotic

Top 10 Safest Cars of 2015

 Safety characteristics once were a back-burner priority when it came to autos. But the times have changed and now safety is probably one of the biggest concerns for the majority of car buyers. This fact

Top 10 American Muscle Cars Of All Time

Muscle cars left a huge footprint on the North American automobile industry and US culture. The rare models are sought after and attract thousands of car collectors all over the world. They star in popular

The Most Expensive Cars in The World

Modern cars are no longer ordinary means of transportation. They have become a symbol of style and luxury. Some people buy the most expensive cars in order to show off their social status and wealth. They are ready to pay

Top 10 Fastest Cars of 2015

Some manufacturers are not aiming at the production volumes of Toyota Corolla or Volkswagen Golf. They create unique vehicles, capable of running at mind-blowing speeds and accelerating in a blink of an eye. People

Top 10 German Sports Cars

What autos do you imagine when it comes to sports cars? Ferrari, Lamborghini and other popular car producing brands are considered to have no rivals in this segment. It would be so unless most popular German

Top 10 German Luxury Cars

German automakers are famous all over the world. They represent high class of automotive industry and provide consumers with safe, comfortable and reliable cars. Some major brands are oriented on different segments. At the same