When we speak about the most popular car brands, we think of German, American, Italian and Japanese automakers. However Chinese car producers have also managed to take leading positions on the automotive market offering cheap and at the same time economic cars. Producing industry is developing vastly in this country. This fact makes us also take it into consideration.

Chinese cars keep gaining good reputation among drivers from all over the world. Some manufacturers have already turned into real giants of automotive industry. In spite of the fact that there were very few Chinese cars about a decade ago, the situation has changed a lot over the last few years.

The economy of the country is one of the most developing in the world. It provides manufacturers with all necessary technological means and facilities in order to offer something new to the auto market and consumers. In other words it is high time to get acquainted with the most popular Chinese car brands which are famous all over the world.

Chinese Car Brands

Major Present Chinese Car Brands

Speaking about major Chinese car producers we should mention several brands which are influencing the entire automotive industry in the world.

Brilliance Auto


This car brand has become rather popular after it started cooperating with BMW. This turning point for the brand has taken place in 2003. Since that time it has been mainly focused on producing auto components and spare parts. At the same time Brilliance Auto launched production of cars, minibuses and vans which are of major priority in China. In spite of partnership with German automotive giant, the company also implements new technologies provided by Toyota. Capacity of the brand is growing from year to year. For instance, 524 000 cars have been manufactured in 2011 which is the 8th result among all major Chinese automakers.

BYD Auto


BYD Auto is one of the oldest Chinese car brands though it was founded in 1995.History of automotive industry of this country is not as rich as in the United States, for example. Nevertheless BYD Auto is a world’s famous company which deals with production of autos and rechargeable batteries. In accordance with the latest statistics production capacity of the company has already reached level of 700 000 cars annually. The level of sales is also growing rapidly. It faced several ups and downs over the last few years. It was once off the top 10 of all major Chinese automakers. However it got its leading positions back with over a million of units sold.



Chery brand produces cheap and at the same time practical autos which have become rather popular over the last few years. The company was founded in 1997. However it started producing autos only since 1999. First Chery cars have been exported only in 2001. This was the turning point of further development of the country. It started influencing automotive market greatly not only inside the country, but also in the world arena. The company has lots leading positions after the Board of Directors decided to develop two additional sub brands. New cars have not great success among consumers. Nevertheless Chery is still one of the biggest Chines car producers selling about 700 000 units every year.



If you speak Mandarin Cheese, you probably know that Geely can be translated as “lucky”. Well, such term can certainly be used for this car brand which is popular all over the world. It started gaining good reputation and fame as soon as it was firstly introduced to automotive market. From the very foundation the brand was mainly focused on producing high quality autos which were also affordable. The range of produced cars is extremely wide at the moment. Apart from autos the brand produces motorcycles, engines and transmission. The main features of the company are reflected in innovative technologies, new and interesting ideas and flexible mechanism which are implemented in every Geely product.



You may be surprised but there are Chinese automakers which are oriented on production of luxuries and comfortable cars. Hongqi is one of such brands. It can truly be called the oldest and most experienced company in China. It was founded in 1958 and later presented its first auto called CA71. This model has become extremely popular as soon as it was introduced to the public. The car was so demanded, that its production continued up to 1981. Now the main signature of this brand is HQE model. They say that production of new models will handled on basics of Toyota Landcruiser Prado.

Minor Present Chinese Car Companies

We should also mention several other popular Chinese auto brands which also made it possible to bring automotive industry of the country to a new level. Despite the fact their production capacity is lower in comparison with abovementioned companies, some of them are still very important for the industry as well.

Beijing Automobile Works

Beijing Automobile logo

This car producer is well-known not only in Chine but also in the rest of r the world. It is one of the pioneers in car producing industry. The company was founded in 1958 and it is still specialized in manufacturing trucks, minivans and off-road vehicles which are widely used and can be met in different countries.


Changan logo

This brand is also worth paying attention as it has been one of the most important producers of vehicles for commercial needs starting from 1990. The company mainly produces small trucks, microvans and passenger buses which can be used in different commercial fields. The production volume is increasing all the time. The latest results show that it can easily go to top 4 major Chinese automakers in the nearest future.


Foton logo

Foton brand was founded in 1996. At first it was mainly specialized in producing agricultural machinery and as well as passenger and commercial small trucks and minibuses. Now the company also deals with manufacturing of sport utility vehicles.

Of course, the list of Chinese car brands is not full. We introduced only the most popular companies which are of great importance for the entire automotive industry in China. There are also several companies which are not as popular as top 10 brands. They include Haima Automobile, Gonow, Zhonghua, Jonway and many others.

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