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True fans of luxury sports cars are certainly familiar with “prancing horse” which is a symbol of Ferrari brand. Black horse on a yellow background has become a synonym to power, speed and style. At the same time logo also has Letters S and F. They stand for Scuderia Ferrari. This symbol was firstly used as logo of Count Francesco Baracca. His was a legendary ace who served in Italian air forces and became very popular after WWI. He always painted a horse on the back of his plane.

There are several theories why Baracca decided to take this symbol.

According to the first theory, his family owned an estate with lots of horses. In accordance with another theory, he decided to take this symbol from German pilot who also used black horse as a symbol of his native city Stuttgart. Those who are familiar with German sports cars know, that some of the also use practically the same logo. Porsche is a good example of such popular brand.

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This first time Enzo Ferrari found out about this symbol was on 17th of June 1923. This was the time when he won a race in Ravenna. There he met mother of Baracca who suggested him having black horse on the back of his racing car. However the logo firstly appeared on Scuderia cars only in 1932. This year turned out to be rather successful for Ferrari racing team. They won in a prestigious SPA endurance race which lasted for 24 hours. This was the time when black horse was introduced as the main logo of the brand. However yellow background appeared a bit later. It was added in order to symbolize Modena which is a birthplace of Ferrari. Other Italian car manufacturersalso used this symbol. For example, it could be found on Ducati motorbikes. However two companies had an agreement and Ducati abandoned black horse on yellow background. Now it is only the main trademark of Ferrari.
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Ferrari History

Enzo Ferrari started his career in Alfa Romeo. However he decided to leave the company in 1923. This was the turning point for starting his own Scuderi racing stable. At first he didn’t use the name Ferrari for his cars. It took more than 10 years for him to open his first Ferrari shop. Unfortunately, during the WWII the brand was managed to survive by all means.

The new stage of brand development started in 1950s due to such talented and gifted engineers as Jano and Lampredi. First bodies with Pinin Farina design have been introduced during that period of time. Those were no longer ordinary racing cars. They combined new style with power and great performance. Maybe this was the main reason which helped Ferrari to beat Alfa Romeo in 1951.This was the first victory for the new brand. 357 America model was firstly introduced in 1953 followed by series of 250 GTs. Production capacity of the brand started to grow. More than 300 units have been manufactured in 1960. This period was also famous due to the first win of Ferrari team in Formula 1 championship. The winning car was named “Dino” after Enzo’s son who died because of serious health problems. He was one of V6 engine developers.

Racing success was followed by introduction of the world’s famous models which have already become true legends of auto producing industry. They include Ferrari Testarossa, Mondial and F40. The last one represented Enzo’s dream car. It was constructed in order to commemorate the 40thanniversary of the brand.

1990-s opened a new epoch for the company. Prancing horse has already become a symbol of power and high-level performance. New models and series appeared with introduction of V8 engine and further development and innovations. The band is popular all over the world impressing all fans of luxury sports cars with new models. Ferrari team still takes leading positions in different racing competitions featuring the most popular and successful Formula 1 pilots.

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Ferrari Symbol

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