Ford Logo History

Ford is certainly one of the most recognizable and largest automakers all over the world. The company has a very rich history and for more than a century it provides automotive world with high quality and innovative autos. Ford Motor Company has already become s synonym to such words as power, style, design and new technologies. It all resulted in great wish to design the best car in the world. At the same time all automotive fans and gourmets are well familiar to its logo that is recognized all over the world. Learn more about Ford logo history.

World’s famous badge is called Centennial Blue Oval. It appeared many decades ago and was improved in 2003 for the last time in its current history. C. Harold Will was designer of the original Ford logo. However it was changed a bit in order to commemorate 100thanniversary of the most popular automaker in the world.

The badge has an oval shape. It was chosen due to the fact that it represents booth simplicity and elegance at the same time. In addition oval shape provides with maximum vision area and distinctiveness. The original logo contained only blue color. Now it is combined with white tone in order to create smooth and elegant effect. At the same time such combination looks really nice and pretty.

Ford Logo

Designers decided not to make drastic changes in the original Ford logo. That is why the front of the badge is actually the same as it used to be many decades ago. There is no sense in any modifications as it still lo0ks stylish and up-to-date. At the same time new badge has turned out to be one of the most successful logos in comparison with all other auto producers. It helped company to bear fruit as well as become one of the most recognizable automakers all over the world.

Ford History

The history of the company is full of ups and downs. It coped with the Great Depression keeping leading positions on the automotive arena even after severe economic crisis. But it all started in 1902 with Henry Ford and his idea to start his own car producing company. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough money. So he decided to attract 12 investors in order to collect $28 000. Few people know, but Dodge brothers were also among those 12 enthusiasts who started Ford Motor Company which was based in Detroit.

Old and New Ford Logos

Within a year first Ford models were introduced to the public. They had a great success due to great value for money and quality. Model T was produced in 1908 making the brand one of the leaders in ate automotive industry at that period of time. The company influenced development of the branch in a great way offering new innovative autos which were affordable for consumers with the average level of income.

During WWII Ford was still the main player in the industry. Its plant produced 20 airplanes per day. Those planes were called B-24 Liberator. When the war was over, the company was mainly focused on constructing comfortable and reliable vehicles such as legendary Thunderbird presented in 1955 and iconic Mustang in 1964. As a result American automotive industry was taken to the new level after production of these autos was launched. They represented style and power which are the main qualities of every Ford model even now. The company is still developing offering new types of vehicles including crossovers and SUVs. Engineers are implementing innovative technologies in order to provide drivers with comfortable ride along with high level of reliability and safety. The company is represented in many countries all over the world increasing its production capacity.

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