French automakers include a number of popular brands which take leading positions in car producing industry all over the world. Their logos and models are easily recognizable due to several unique features and unusual style. France has always been a center of fashion and good taste. This fact reflects not only in designer clothes and traditional cuisine, but also in cars which are introduced by top French car brands. It is high time to find out the history of their logos, how they appeared and what they mean.

french car logos


Citroen Logo

Those who are close to military ranks of the US may think that Citroën logo came from American militaries. It looks like two inverted VSs. However the founder of the brand had another idea while choosing a logo for his company. These to equal elements are representing gear teeth. They reflect old principles of engineer fettlings which existed many years ago.

The company faced a lot of ups and downs throughout its development history. The main idea was to sell high-quality cars at the lowest price. At first such strategy turned out to be successful for the brand and its founder. However, later it resulted in great financial losses due to the fact that they used high quality materials and the price should be higher. That is why it was necessary for engineers to introduce something new. That is how Traction Avant model appeared. It had practically no rivals in its segment for about 15 years. On the other hand new auto turned out to be rather expensive. Now the Citroën Corporation is one of the major French automakers and its logo is officially registered as the main trademark of the company.


peugeot logo

Peugeot brand has one of the most recognizable logos among all other automakers. At the same time it also has one of the richest histories among all logos and played a very important role in development of the company. It was changed and modified several times throughout its long history which started back in 1847. This was the period when the company was mainly specialized in producing goods of steel and saw blades. This is why the founder of the company decided to use the image of lion which represented high quality of saw blades. It was officially registered as trademark of the company in 1858.

The company developed and started to introduce new autos to consumers. The main goal was to create cheap and at the same time reliable vehicles which could compete with another popular brands. That is why it was decided to modify the logo. The lion became simpler and more dynamic at the same time. The first heraldic lion could be found on the bonnets of French autos after WWII in 1948. All 203 models had it on their body. Current Peugeot logo that is well-known to all car fans appeared in 2002. The lion now also has shadow. That is why this symbol is considered to be one of the most spectacular and attractive among other car logos.


renault logo

Here is another good example of the most iconic and well-known car logo all over the world. As well as Peugeot logo, this symbol has also played a very important role in the overall development of the company. It also had several versions till it became one of the most recognizable trademarks among automakers. It was firstly introduced in 1900.It included letters which stood for initials of Renault bothers. However it was changed and modified for several times within next two decades. In spite of several overhauls it was decided that diamond-shape logo is was the best representation of the main idea and goals which are set by French engineers.

Current version of Renault trademark exists since 1992. It was a bit changed in 2004 and 2007. However the changes were not so crucial. They added the name of the brand and made the square of yellow color. Now it certainly looks more glamorous and up-to-date.


venturi car logo

Venturi brand proves that French GT producers are also able to create something worth paying attention. Its logo is well-known to all fans of powerful sports car s. It includes a lot of different elements which represent different things forming one spectacular picture with rich history.

Here you can find the sun which symbolizes the birthplace of the brand. It was founded in Loire. Gerfalcon is one of the main elements of the logo. This species of falcon can only be found in Arctic and Ice land. It is very rare as well as models of Venturi. The wings of the creature form letter V. Though falcon is a wild creature, it can still be controlled by a man. This fact is represented by a glove, which falcons stands on. It means that driver can handle with control of this powerful and wild car. The first introduction of the logo was made in 1983 with presentation of the first car at Paris Motor Show.