German cars have already conquered automotive world and gained the reputation of the best vehicles ever. This is mostly due to their style and design, high level of quality and safety, comfort and powerful characteristics. Such symbiosis of beneficiary characteristics has made German cars of the most famous in different parts of the word. They represent style and premium class of their owners. German automakers provide its consumers with annually 600 000 of autos which are exported to all major countries.

At the same time Germany is considered to be the birthplace of the whole automotive industry though its development started in the USA.

German Car brands with Logos

Karl Benz in cooperation with Nikolaus Otto was the one who invented four-stroke internal combustion engine. This was the turning point for development of automotive industry in Germany following with creation of Mercedes-Benz in 1926. Now major automakers offer their customers stylish cars which are equipped with all necessity innovations for the safest and the most comfortable driving. Such features have turned into a signature of the most popular German car brands.

List of Major Present German Made Cars

Major German car brands are well-known all over the world. They are bought by politics, celebrities and ordinary people. Autos reflect style and reliability along with power in combination with comfort. You are certainly familiar with the most popular car producing companies. Here they are.


all audi cars

The company was founded in 1899. It was gaining success no as fast as you could imagine at the beginning of its development. However it has become very popular in 1920 and turned out to be the main competitor to DKW which was the major automaker in Germany during that period of time. Now it procures series of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, trucks and other vehicles which traditionally win lots of awards and are recognized for their logo with 4 rings.



bmw car logotype

In spite of all that success and reputation that has been gained by BMW since 1917 when the company was founded, some experts say that its cars are only close to perfection but not perfect. This is the main problem for the brand which still can’t become the main car producing company in Germany. At the same time such situation can be explained by a very high level of competition in the country. BMW is exporting its stylish sedans, SUVs and coupes to different countries all over the world. The reinforcement of the company over the last few years is evident. It continues introducing new innovative models. We are all awaiting for renewed Z8.


Ford Germany

form motors car logo

In spite of the same name, Ford Germany has very few in common with its American rival. The brand was created firstly as European subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. In 1924 US representatives decided to arrange a sales office of their company in Berlin. The first import of 1 000 tractors was successfully completed during the following year. This gave a boost to further development of the brand and now Ford Germany brand’s shares of the market is up to 7% with more than 206 000 units.



mercedes benz logotype

For more than a century Mercedes-Benz is reflecting grace, elegance and luxury in every car that has been ever produced under its logo. It should also be noted that the father of the brand was actually the inventor of automobile. The company has a very rich history. It is represented in many fileds including racing competitions, rally, Touring Championship and other segments. At the same time it offers luxury and high quality sedans, SUVS, minivans, truck and other types of vehicles for all purposes and needs.



opel logotype

Opel is one of the oldest German automakers with its own traditions. Despite the fact it has already become a part of General Motors, it still has something. That is why its cars are so popular all over the world. The brand combines German quality and reliability with fuel efficiency, compact sizes and innovative equipment. It offers perfect variants for city driving as well.



porsche car logotype

You will hardly find a person who has never heard of Porsche. It has been awarded as the most prestigious car brand in 2006. This was the best evaluation of high class and quality which was brought by the company throughout more than 80 years of history. Posh and luxurious cars with huge power potential inside make are a good example of perfection in every line and detail. At the same time these cars stress the good taste and status of its owner.



Volkswagen Logo

Volkswagen was known as “people’s car”. The company was founded by the order of Adolf Hitler who was eager to produce high quality and at the same time affordable car which will have a chance to compete with American brands. However WWII made its own changes in Hitler’s plans which were not supposed to materialize. When the war ended, the main factory of the company was controlled by Allied. Later mass production of Type 1 and Beetle was launched. It was the turning point if further development of the brad which is now among major German automakers offering wide range of models for all purposes.


List of Minor Present German Car Companies

Apart from major German automakers which take the leading positions not only in their country but also in the rest of the world, there is a number of minor car brands which also managed to gain some success and good reputation.


Alpina logo

Alpina brand is aimed on producing their own cars though they are mainly based on BMW models. The company was founded in 1965 and is still operating on the market. It is also specialized in supplying powerful engines for Touring Racing teams and cooperates with BMW team.


Bitter logo

Bitter brand has become very popular after introducing its 3-door hatchback coupe which was equipped by Chevrolet 327 V-8 engine with 227 h.p. Later it produced several variants if this model and now is focused on manufacturing of city sedans and coupes.


Lotec logo

This German automakers’ specialization is production of racing cars. The company appeared in 1962 and started working on creating its first sports auto. Now the brand also deals with production of supercars.


Smart logo

Smart autos are becoming more and more popular all over the world. It turned out to be a great invention of engineers of this brand which is a division of Daimler AG. All cars are produced to provide fuel efficiency and economy for urban driving.

Famous German automakers are forming the conditions on the world’s automotive market nowadays. They produce millions of cars every year taking leading positions in this endless competition. However some brands were not able to take the challenge and disappeared from the stage once and for all. They include such companies as AAG, Apollo, Butz, DKW, Goliath and many others.