However there is one thing that unites all of them. German cars symbolize high level of reliability, innovation, style and power. The same thing is with their logos which are easily recognizable all over the world. Some trademarks and symbols have a very rich history while others were introduced not so long ago. Now you will have a chance to get acquainted with history of top 8 German brands’ logos.

Major German automakers are presented in huge variety. They are specialized in different segments and fields of auto producing industry.

German Car Logos

Mercedes-Benz Logo Meaning

Mercedes Logo

WWI has resulted into great financial problems for both giants Benz & Cie. and DMG. They suffered from serious financial losses. At the same time they felt enormous pressure from their lenders. That is why the only way to cope with situation was to sign mutual agreement and cooperate in selling their products under names of both brands. This was the first time when worlds’ popular Mercedes-Benz logo was firstly used combining symbols of two companies.

BMW Symbol Meaning

bmw logotype

BMW logo is a good example of one of the most crucial symbols. Despite the fact that this brand has one of the richest histories among all other German automakers, the logo had only slight changes and modifications. Nevertheless it still represents power and reliability of all autos which are produced by this car giant. The logo consists of 4 white and blue quadrants which are surrounded by a circle. By the way, blue and white re considered to be official colors of Bavaria where the headquarters is situated. At the same time the logo reminds of the origins of the company when it specialized in producing military airplanes during WWI.

Volkswagen Emblem

volkswagen logo

VW logo is another popular trademark which is famous all over the world. It has a very long and interesting history. The logo was firstly designed and introduced in 1938. However it was changed and renewed in 2000. Nothing is known about the origin of the symbol. There is a couple of versions and theories but none of them has ever been officially confirmed.

Audi Logo Meaning

audi logo

Audi four rings are well-known to everyone who knows how to drive. The history of the logo is rather simple. All four rings represent union of four car producers who decided to create a partnership in order to create one of the largest car producing giants in the world. The trademark was altered during 100th anniversary of the brand in 2009.

Opel Symbol Meaning

Opel Logo

Very few people know but Opel Blitz truck has turned out to be an inspiration for designing Opel logo. The name of that truck model can be translated as “lightning” from German into English. By the way, the first logo of the company was made in shape of Zeppelin and firstly introduced in 1935. But it was modified and renewed in 1964 when new truck was presented to the public. New version of Opel emblem has been designed in 2002 with addition of brand’s name and adjustment of spherical surfaces.

Porsche Emblem

Porshe Logo

Along with Ferrari Porsche is another producer of luxury german sports cars which uses black horse on its logo. However German brand is believe d to be the first to use this emblem. The point is that black horse is an official symbol of Stuttgart. That is why the horse is the most important part of the whole Porsche logo. At the same time emblem contains several stripes in red and green colors which symbolize Kingdom of Württemberg. See also Top 10 Luxury German cars.

Smart Emblem

smart car logo

Smart brand has rather easy logo without any additional elements. Everything is clear and simple as well as all models of this popular German car brand. The main element of the emblem is letter C which means “compact”. It is featured with an arrow which represents innovation and thinking forward. The logo is rather stylish and recognizable all over the world. This is one of the most famous emblems in the world though it was introduced in current version in 2010.

Mini Emblem Meaning

mini car logo

MINI brand has one of the most stylish and iconic logos. It consists of a wing which makes all models of the company easily recognizable all over the world. The wing is surrounded by the circle featuring the name of the brand on it. The wing symbolizes freedom, power and performance. At the same time emblem is placed on the black background which means perfection, elegance, innovation and strength.