Honda Logo History and Meaning

Honda logo is well-known to all drivers around the globe. It is one of the most eminent and recognizable badges among other automakers. It symbolizes durability in combination with confidence. Here you will have a chance to find about more about the logo of this popular Japanese car producer and reveal some of its secrets.

On the one hand this badge is related to one of the most sophisticated images that we can meet on bodies of different cars. At the same time the idea was to connect it with operating units. At the same time we should consider that this company deals with manufacturing not only regular autos, but also motorcycles and sports cars. That is why every logo is related to a specific manufacturing branch. As a result motorcycle Honda logo displays wings as a symbol of speed and performance. Special racing brand was created for sports cars which take part in different racing competitions. We should not also forget about Acura brand which is also a part of Honda automaker. However the main badge consists of letter H which stands for the name of popular Japanese automaker. This letter is thin in the bottom and becomes broader to the top.

Honda Logo

Despite the fact there is nothing special about the color of the logo, silver metallic tone makes it look very stylish and modern at the same time. The badge turns out to be rather inspiring and creative. There is some kind of reflective light on the background of the symbol. This element also adds some style and elegance. Letter H is made in Roman style providing the logo attractive and less complicated look.

Honda History

Soichiro Honda founded one of the most popular Japanese car brands in 1948. This was a rather tough period for the country as well as automotive industry. Practically all factories were focused on producing military vehicles during WWII. It was rather hard for enterprises to reorient on consumers’ needs and demands. However Honda managed to take leading positions from the very beginning of its development turning into 5th largest automaker in Japan.

The main benefit of Honda autos was the fact that they were rather cheap and indispensable. Such combination of low price and versatility made it possible for the company to expand and increase the level of sales at short notice. First autos appeared in America in 10 years after the brand was founded. It led to creation of American Honda Co. This was the second step on the way to domination in the automotive world.

Very soon Honda brand has turned into a synonym to innovations and usefulness. New idea together with modern technologies and high quality engineering helped to take leading positions. At the same time motorcycle production line was also developing and extending. That is why Japanese company was the largest manufacturer of motorbikes during 70’s.

Apart from motorcycles Honda autos seemed not be very successful. They were not rather popular with American consumers also. Those small vehicles just did not have any chance against large and powerful American “monsters”. This was the period when engineers decided to change their strategy and introduced first Civic model. It was mainly oriented on the US market. This idea turned out to be rather successful. In addition energy crisis opened new horizons for the company which was also specialized in producing economic cars. Honda got a new lease of life.

Now Honda is doubtless leader in automotive industry. Every new model comes along with the latest technologies and innovations. At the same time engineers are mainly focused on such features as safety and fuel economy which is rather important for modern consumers. Moreover FCX Clarity has been recently introduced as an alternative to traditional cars with fuel and diesel engines. It annual production of engines is 14 million units per year.

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