Italian autos are produced as setoff to all popular manufacturers. They are created with some style and luxury. Though Italy can’t boast with a huge amount of major automakers, all Italian brands are able to persuade their customers that they are making the right choice while purchasing their autos. One can meet Italian cars in different parts of the world. All brands provide with a vast selection of powerful, gorgeous and luxurious vehicles for those who are eager to drive with style and comfort. In other words if you see a beautiful and fast car which you consider to be one of the greatest cars ever, it has been probable produced in Italy.

The main features of Italian car brands include high level of fuel efficiency in combination with good powerful characteristics.

Production supposes using only high quality materials which makes these autos reliable and safe. FIAT is one of the major car brands in Italy at the moment with more than 90% of production. Nevertheless there are other popular brads which are certainly familiar to you.

Italian Car Logos and Brand Names

List of Major Present Italian Car Manufacturers

Alfa Romeo

alfa romeo logotype

The name of this brand reminds us of famous Shakespeare’s character Romeo. However it has nothing in common with literature. Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910. Its logo looks like the founder was a religious person. A red cross on the white background brings us to those times of crusades and St. George. Some time passed and it turned out that this logo means performance and devotion. It was not connected with religion anyhow. The brand produces cars for ordinary purchasers as well as racing autos for WRC and World Touring Cup. It can boast a first place in Sicilian Targa Florio tournament. The Board of Directors decided to form a partnership with another famous Italian brand. So Alfa and Fiat have been cooperating since 1985. Now the company is exporting its cars all over the world including the United States.


fiat logotype

Fiat is the oldest automaker in Italy. It was found in 1899. The abbreviation stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. However such name is very long and complicated. That is why FIAT is now what we all love and know in Italian automotive industry. 1901 was the turning point for the company. It has introduced its first automobile to the public. It looked more like a coach rather than a car we are used to. Nevertheless it was a first huge step for the company which started producing vehicles with front engines. By the way world’s famous brand Ferrari was absorbed by FIAT in 1969. Now it offers wide range of different models including sedans and coupes which are the best bet for city as well as its Punto models.

Minor Present Italian Car Companies

Apart from such major auto giants as Fiat and Alfa Romeo there is a number of minor Italian car producers which may be not as popular. Nevertheless they are stull influencing automotive market and are able to offer exclusive stylish and powerful cars for their customers.


abarth company logotype

This brand is mainly focused on producing road and racing cars. The headquarters of the company is located in Turin. It has a very recognizable logo which is made in shape of a scorpion. The brand was founded in 1949.

B Engineering

B Engineering logo

This small car producing company was founded by several partners who used to work in Bugatti. They decided to create their own brand which is now called B Engineering. The company’s production volume is rather small which makes its every auto truly unique and exclusive. The brand was launched in 2001.


ferrari logotype

Power, style, luxury and speed – what else can we say about Ferrari brand? These are probably the most recognizable and desired sports cars all over the world. They have already become classic of sports autos which reflect the power and unique design in every line and element. In 1965 Ferrari was absorbed by Fiat.


lamborghini logotype

Lamborghini is another popular Italian brand which is well-known all over the world. If it was not for production volume, it could easily enter a list of major Italian automakers. However this will never happen, as there are very few purchasers who can afford buying those luxurious, fast and powerful cars. All autos produced by this brand have been desired from the very beginning since 1963.


maserati logotype

The 1st of December 1914 was a glorious day for the whole automotive industry in Italy. This is the very date when Maserati brand was founded. Now it reflects luxury and glam in every car that is produced under its logo. Production capacity of the company is rather high in comparison with the rest of minor Italian automakers. It produces about 75 000 of vehicles.

These are not all minor present Italian automakers which still produce autos of the highest class. We should also mention such brands as Basel, Centenari, Bertone, Lancia and many others. Some of them are well-know all over the world in spite of their low production capacity.

List of Old Italian Automakers and Car Brands

The list of former manufacturers includes lots of names which have already disappeared due to different reasons. Some of them faced serious financial problems while others became a part of major Italian automakers. Nevertheless they have a right to be mentioned.

Amilcar Italiana

Amilcar Italiana logo

Amilcar Italiana brand has turned out to be rather interesting and in some cases even demanding project. The company was mainly oriented on production of American like models on the territory of Italy. However it existed for 3 years only. The idea turned into a failure.

De Tomaso

De Tomaso logo

De Tomaso used to be rather popular automaker due to the fact that it produced not only road cars but also vehicles for the Formula 1 championship. Its racing autos had success. The funny thing is though De Tomaso was terminated in 2004, the rumors abound its new cars are being spread since 2008. This case is certainly for Sherlock.


Ghia logo

This brand is still very popular all over the world despite the fact it does not exist since 1973. The company was founded in 1915 which also makes it one of the oldest car manufacturers in Italy. The brand was famous for its design and unique style. It also included several coach building firms at the beginning of its development.