Jaguar Logo History

Jaguar brand was firstly named Swallow Sidecar (SS) Company. However it was changed after WWII due to SS initials which could influence on further reputation of the company as well as its development. Needless to say that logo with letters “SS” would be rather calling. Now Jaguar brand is a part of Tata Motors Ltd. Indian car producing company bought it in 2008 after it was also purchased by Ford Motor Company.

Now this brand is highly reputable in the automotive world providing excellent cars with style, luxury and power. The logo is also a part of the brand’s image. It is well-known all over the world and popular with true sports car fans. Those who have ever seen such popular models as XJ, XK and XF, will certainly never forget this badge.

The official Jaguar logo was firstly introduced in 1935. It was presented together with the first sedan of the company. S.S. 100 was produced during that period of time. However soon after that production of autos faced commence and that logo was changed. Designers decided to stress the name of the brand and used the image of jaguar which jumps of the name of the company.

Jaguar Car Logo

Considering main specialization of the brand, it will be rather easy to guess that pouncing animal is a symbol of grace, power and speed. All these features are reflected in every model produced by world’s famous automaker. In addition you can also find combination of black and white colors which are used to stress the graceful animal and name of the brand. “Algera” font makes the logo look more stylish and elegant.

Jaguar History

The brand was founded in 1922. At first it had another name which was Swallow Sidecar (SS) Company. Apart from sidecars the company also dealt with co ach building. The first Jaguar automobile was introduced in 1932. All that time before WWII ended all autos had SS initials on their bodies. However after the war ended, the owners decided to replace those initials with the current logo due to the fact that SS could resemble Nazi troops.

Even at the beginning of its development the company was mainly focused on producing stylish and at the same time beautiful cars which were rather popular with consumers. Later this fact led to severe criticism which was forwarded to eagerness of engineers to focus on glam rather than quality. Well, on the one hand this is true. Even now designers work really hard to create exclusive and unique bodies. On the other hand there has always been place for powerful performance and speed. From the first stage of development Jaguar could boast a team of inspired and creative team of engineers.

After a series of fast and stylish cars Jaguar company shocked all representatives of automotive industry with its XK120 model. By the way, it was the fastest production model during that period of time. It was equipped by 3.4-liter engine with 180HP. Such features have turned out to be a sensation. More than 10 000 unites have been built followed by XK 140 and 150 upgrades.

1960’s gave Jaguar brand another great opportunity to impress all its rivals. This is when ferocious E-type model was introduced. This car turned out to be not only speed record breaker with maximum speed 150 mph, but also very eye-catching unit. The world has never seen anything like that before. E-type represented luxury, speed, power in combination with innovative technologies. This led British producer to a new level in automotive industry.

The company was purchased by Ford Motor Company in 1989. Later it was sold to Tata Motors Indian group together with Land Rover brand in 2008.

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