Japanese car brands have always been popular for their cars featuring style, economy, performance and luxury. That is why Japanese automakers take leading positions in the automotive industry and are able to compete with their European and US rivals. Using innovative technologies and creative ideas inspires engineers to make sports autos and luxury cars in combination with high a quality and a reasonable price.

Now it is time to get acquainted with the most popular Japanese car brands that can be found in different countries of the world.

Japanese Card Brands

Major Japanese Automakers


2015 Honda CRV

The father of the brand Soichiro Honda founded his car producing company in 1948. This was a rather tough period for the whole Japanese automotive industry. Nevertheless he managed to take available spots and launched production of cheap and reliable cars. At first they were not popular in America. That is why engineers introduced the first US-friendly Civic model which started gaining popularity at short notice. Then the Accord model appeared, which was also rather famous with the American consumers. Now the company is one of the largest motorcycles and autos producers in the world.


Mazda 3

Mazda is another major Japanese automaker, which enters top 20 of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The main feature of every auto is its style and great performance. The brand is mainly based on building fast and comfortable vehicles that are affordable to an ordinary consumer. Production line includes sedans and SUVs as well as small cars, which are perfect for city driving.


Nissan GTR

Though Nissan is one of the main Japanese car manufacturers, it has close partnership with the Renault brand, which makes this company multi-national. At the same time Nissan always looks for cooperation with other manufacturers. It used to be the 6-th biggest Japanese car producer competing with such giants as VW Group, Toyota, General Motors and Ford. After it created an alliance with Renault, it became the 4th largest automaker in the world.


suzuki grand vitara

Suzuki is specialized in producing wide range of vehicles to meet all the requirements and demands of its customers. Production line includes motorbikes, all-wheel drive vehicles, ATVs and other products which are used in different fields including medicine and marine field. Production capacity of the company has become enormously high by 2010 making it the 10th largest producing brand in the world. Now it has more than 45 000 employees and a wide production line.


Toytota Prius

Toyota is the biggest automaker in Japan and one of the largest car producing companies in the world with about 333 500 employees globally. In accordance with the latest statistics Toyota has entered a list of top 15 companies with the highest revenue in 2014. Moreover, the production capacity of this brand is very impressive. It has successfully introduced its 200 millionth vehicle in the summer of 2012.


Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi offers a wide range of vehicles as well as sports and luxury cars. This Japanese automaker takes the 16th place among world’s biggest manufacturers by production all over the world. The company is also specialized in providing racing cars that take part in WRC championships and other racing competitions. The brand was founded in 1970 and was firstly famous as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Minor Japanese Car Manufacturers


Acura logo

The Acura brand is famous for its luxury SUVs and sedans. It is a part of American Honda Motor Company. This brand was mainly created in order to provide stylish and more economic alternatives to American muscle cars. That is why at first the production was mainly aimed at the US consumers starting from 1986. Now its cars can be found in different countries. They reflect style and grace together with power, performance and innovative technologies. These are the main features of Acura luxury cars.


Infiniti logo

The first luxury car produced by Infiniti was introduced in 1989. This brand is a part of Nissan Motor Company and it is mainly specialized in producing luxurious and stylish autos for rich and wealthy consumers. QX60 crossover is one of the most popular models of the brand. Now it is also produced outside Japan.


Lexus logo

Lexus, which is a part of Toyota Motor Corporation, is another example of a branch that was created to compete in the luxury auto segment. It was firstly introduced on the US market in 1989. Now this brand is a top Japanese automaker which offers stylish and expensive cars of the premium class.


Subaru logo

Subaru is a well-known brand to all fans of racing and sports. This is another Japanese automaker, which produces sports cars in combination with a low price and high quality. This company found it possible to compete with American automakers providing cheap and at the same time powerful models. All racing fans love such legendary models as Impreza and Legacy. Now Subaru also manufactures SUVs and crossovers.