Lamborghini Logo History

Lamborghini brand is a symbol of perfection and power. Its cars represent excellence and style in every line which is also reflected in Lamborghini logo. It is one of the most recognizable badges in history of Italian automotive industry and it is well-known all over the world.

Lamborghini logo history goes back to the foundation of the brand. It displays golden snorting bull which refers to zodiacal sign of founder of the brand. It is Taurus. At the same time it also has certain connection with bullfighting sports which has been rather popular not only in Spain but also in Italy at those times. This is another reason why the majority of models have names of famous bulls. They represent not only power, but also passion and courage.

Lamborghini Car Logo

The main element of the logo stands for fortitude, consistency and power. It is believed that black background refers to a black horse which is used by another popular Italian brand Ferrari. At the same time it is not surprising that Lamborghini designers also used yellow color for their logo. This resulted in long –term cooperation of Lamborghini with Ferrari. So this is not the ordinary coincidence. Nevertheless Lamborghini logo is one of the most stylish and recognizable logo among all other car brands with its own history.

Lamborghini History

The founder of the most famous Italian car brand Ferruccio Lamborghini was excited about everything connected with engines since his early childhood. He became rather famous mechanic during WWII when he managed to repair trucks and other military vehicles with the help of already used spare parts. Lamborghini was rather creative and inspired while fixing engines.

Lamborghini Emblem

When he returned home after war he decided to start up his own business and opened car and bike repair service. Later he was mainly specialized in producing tractor for agricultural needs. They turned out to be vital for development of his native region during that period of time. Ferruccio became rather wealthy and prosperous businessman and even could afford buying himself Ferrari 250 GT. However he was rather frustrated with its engine and decided to discuss it with Enzo Ferrari. Their meeting resulted in creation of new V12 engine which was more powerful.

This was the time when Lamborghini decided to introduce his own 350 GTV to the public. The event took place in 1963 on the Turin Auto Show. Prototype had a great success. More than 130 units were sold in spite of high prices. This was one of the brightest cars during 60-s. This model was followed by a number of other modifications. However it was for Miura that made Lamborghini brand legendary. This car turned out to be overwhelming even for representatives of Ferrari and Maserati.

LP400 Countach was another pleasant shock for the whole automotive world from engineers of Lamborghini. Bright red color showed passion and power at the same time in combination with luxurious black interior. It was equipped with powerful 4-liter engine which had actually now competitors at that time.

1974 has turned out to be rather disappointing for the company. Tractor business faces serious financial problems. That is why the owner of the brand decided to sell part of his shares and finally Fiat took over the factory. Now Lamborghini cooperates with other popular European automakers and has a partnership with Audi. Designer and engineers of the German brand influenced creation of world’s famous Murcielago greatly. In spite of all ups and downs Lamborghini is still one of the most popular sports and luxury car producers. Its logo is well-known to every fan of speed and power.

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