Mercedes Logo History

The inspiration and approach which are reflected in every auto gave its way to creation of Mercedes logo. It also represents the spirit of the most popular German automaker. Its badge is certainly among the most recognizable car logos. It was created by Gottlieb Daimler who found it possible to conquer niche of high class, integrity, performance and perfection.

Sober look and prominent design make Mercedes logo look rather attractive and eye-catching. This badge has already won the preference and appreciation of millions of drivers all over the world. The main element of the symbol is a three sided star.

This star reflects the overall philosophy of the brand and domination at sea, air and land. In other words Mercedes logo means that it produces products which are perfect not only on land, but also at sea and in the air. It inspires engineers of the company to master even the hardest challenge.

Mercedes-Benz Logo

 Brand’s sophisticated image is represented with the help of metallic-grey color. On the one hand it reflects high class of company’s products. On the other hand it shows suave appeal. At first the badge had blue shadow. However it has transformed into a silver grey tone as soon as Mercedes turned into automotive giant.

Mercedes-Benz History

Mercedes is one of the largest German and world’s automakers. It is specialized on producing luxury cars which reflect style and grace in every line. For more than a century it provides customers with reliable and safety autos along with comfort and innovation. However the history of this car brand has not only smooth and successful periods. There have certainly been some rough curves and tough challenges. The main thing is that the father of the brand was actually the one who invented an automobile.

Mercedes-Benz Old Logos

Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler worked rather hard in order to make people forget about horse riding and carriages. That is why they introduced the first engine in 1886. By the way, this engine was archetype of motors that are used now. This fact can be called the turning point in the whole automotive industry. After that both inventors decide to go their own ways till their reunion in 1926. This is when the history of Mercedes-Benz actually started. From this moment company’s popularity started to grow vastly. It produced luxury cars which were famous for their flawless quality and great performance. This was the time for new experiments, improvements and innovations which turned out to be rather successful and brought German automaker to a new level.

Mercedes-Benz can be truly called an automotive empire. However, it was criticized for violation of human and labor rights during WWII. The company was known as one of the major producers of limos which were affordable only for rich and wealthy families. Even WWII has not become crucial for the company apart from many other German automakers.

War Mercedes-Benz focused on production of the best looking autos after the Second World War. This is when 190 and 300 SL models were firstly introduced to the public. Later 300 SL was also produced. It was equipped with new fuel-injection technology that made this car also rather popular. During 1980’s engineers offers first cars with low CO2 emission. Pollution of environment was a rather tough question. That is why the majority of automakers were trying to provide customers with converters. Mercedes-Benz was among first brands which started using special oil filters which made their autos more up-to-date and advanced. At the same time these cars have always met the highest safety standards and requirements.

Nowadays company stick to the same strategy adding innovations and engineering ideas. Model lines have been expanded offering wide range of different autos which include not only luxury cars, but also sports and family vehicles, sedans, SUVs and coupes which are popular all over the world.

Mercedes-Benz Symbol

Mercedes Symbol

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Mercedes-Benz Emblem

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