Tesla Motors Logo History

The Tesla’s logo is similar to other carmakers’ emblems. It is quite simple. The logo represents a stylized “T” (in a special font) that is bearing the company name at the top. The emblem is in a shield frame. As you know, the company was named after Nikola Tesla, an outstanding scientist who invented the induction motor, so the “T” stands for his name.

However, there are many other theories revealing the mystery behind the Tesla’s logo. Some take the view the logo is a stylized part of a cross section of the induction motor with an air gap. Another theory claims the logo represents a modified Tesla coil. Some are even convinced that it resembles Nikola Tesla’s face!

The company logo was designed by Prado Studio from California. By the way, this design studio has a long and successful history of cooperation with Elon Musk and worked with his other companies.

Tesla Motors Logo

Tesla Motors History

“Tesla Motors” has been the first successful car startup in America since 1956 when Henry Ford founded his company. The car maker has its focus on producing all-electric cars. They are only 12 years old, but nowadays their after-tax profit is $74 million and Morgan Stanley calls it the most significant car maker in the world. Here is some insight into their history.

The name of the company was inspired by the outstanding American-Serbian physicist Nicola Tesla. The scientist had made a great number of impressive discoveries, but the most essential one was the invention of the alternating current (AC) power transmission and the induction motor in 1888. The greatest advantage of the motor is its simplicity. The fact that it has only one moving part (the rotor) makes it low-cost, economical, durable and quiet. Unfortunately, this invention remained unappreciated: at the same time, Karl Benz designed and built a practical automobile that was powered by an internal-combustion engine, and the era of gasoline-powered cars began.

Tesla Car Logo

The changes came in 2003. In that year, two gifted engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning managed to create their first electric vehicle based on the above-mentioned invention of AC induction motor. Soon after they had persuaded some businessmen (Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Lawrence Page – each of them is famous for their curiosity and weakness for innovations) to invest money in the project, they decided to establish a new company. Their purpose was to create an electric car that would be more comfortable, practical, economical and durable than a gas-powered automobile – and not a hippie golf cart, but a luxurious powerful sports car that would change everything what we always knew about electric cars.

Five years later, Tesla Motors launched their first vehicle built around the AC induction motor – a sports car Tesla Roadster. It was built on a base of Lotus Elise chassis (Lotus is an English carmaker that has made its name by designing racing cars for Formula One and sports cars). The car was manufactured in two versions: Tesla Roadster ($109 000) and Tesla Roadster Sport ($128 500). Tesla Roadster set new high standards for electric cars. Tesla has sold 24,000 units so far. In July 2010, a slightly modified Roadster 2.5 was launched. In 2012, the production was put on hold due to the fact that the contract with Lotus had run out. In the future, Tesla Motors is going to build the Roadster on short base of the next model – WhiteStar.

In 2012, the car brand announced launching Model S (Codename WhiteStar). They call it “an evolution in the car industry”. Model S is the first ever business class electric car. The technical equipment is excellent, and the appearance is impressive. The vehicle received many features and was available with single or dual motor configurations. The car received multiple awards including 2013 Car Of The Year. Also this car listed in the Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World.

Tesla Motors has ambitious plans for the future. Firstly, the Tesla Model X, an electric seven-seats SUV, is upcoming. Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, thinks it might even outsell the Model S. The sales are going to begin in summer 2015.

Secondly, the automaker aims for advancement of electric vehicle technology. So they took an unbelievable step: Elon Musk has opened all their electric car patents of Tesla Motors for third party use so that other brands can enjoy the technologies and develop more electrrc cars.

Thirdly, the american auto manufacturer is growing its network of Superchargers stations for Tesla cars. They have got around one hundred so far and are going to build them all across the USA, Europe and other places where their cars are driving.

Tesla Car Emblems

Tesla Symbol

Tesla Car Emblem

Tesla Car Symbol